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(France/Poland 1993 104m) DVD1/2

Aka. Trois Couleurs: Bleu


p  Marin Karmitz  d  Krzysztof Kieslowski  w  Krzysztof Piesiewicz, Krzysztof Kieslowski  ph  Slawomir Idziak  ed  Jacques Witta  m  Zbigniew Preisner  art  Claude Lenoir

Juliette Binoche (Julie), Benoît Régent (Olivier), Florence Pernel (Sandrine), Charlotte Véry (Lucille), Hélène Vincent (journalist), Claude Duneton (Doctor), Hugues Quester (Patrice), Emmanuelle Riva (Mère), Philippe Volter, Julie Delpy, Zbigniew Zamachowski,

What sort of a tagline is that, I hear you ask?  In the movie it’s merely an account number, but it’s one of those rare almost frighteningly prophetic numbers in cinema.  You see, 270641 is Kieslowski’s birthday, leaving just the last three numbers 196; Kieslowski died, prematurely of heart failure at 54, in 1996.  A coincidence, for sure, but a rather disconcerting one.  And talking of disconcerting, this is a very disconcerting film, probably the most cerebral of the trilogy.  It’s also possibly disconcerting in another non-existent meaning; someone who goes out of their way to stop a concerto being heard might be said to be disconcerting.  Such is the attitude of Juliette Binoche here.  This is a film about grief and the ways we cope with it.  People have been known to cope with grief in bizarre, selfish and even cruel ways (think of Samantha Morton’s Morvern Callar, for example; body in the bath anyone?).  But Binoche, Kieslowski and Piesewicz make her pain almost unbearable.  When she is asked by her maid at her old country house why she is crying, the maid replies “because you’re not.”  She’s crying not just because she’s upset, but because the most affected person is so upset she can’t even show it.  (more…)

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