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Magnolia (no 3)

(USA 1999 188m) DVD1/2

I shall smite all thy borders with frogs

Joanne Sellar  d/w  Paul Thomas Anderson  ph  Robert Elswit  ed  Dylan Tichenor  m  Jon Brion, Fiona Apple  m/ly  Aimee Mann  art  William Arnold, Mark Bridges  cos  Mark Bridges

Julianne Moore (Linda Partridge), William H.Macy (Quiz Kid Donnie Smith), Philip Seymour Hoffman (Phil Parma), Tom Cruise (Frank T.J.Mackey), Jeremy Blackman (Stanley Spector), John C.Reilly (Jim Kurring), Jason Robards Jnr (Earl Partridge), Melora Walters (Claudia Wilson Gator), Philip Baker Hall (Jimmy Gator), Melinda Dillon (Rose Gator), Alfred Molina (Solomon Solomon), Michael Bowen (Rick Spector), April Grace, Ricky Jay, Michael Murphy, Henry Gibson, Thomas Jane, Luis Guzman, Miriam Margolyes,

Ladies and germs, may I present the most ambitious masterpiece of American nineties cinema.  If ever a film demanded multiple viewings to pick up its textures and nuances, this is it.  Some called it pretentious, indulgent and even overlong and they have a point, but very few filmmakers have the balls to run with their indulgencies to the point where greatness is achieved.  Boogie Nights promised much, especially in its director’s handling of its eclectic ensemble cast, but Magnolia surpasses it easily.  Indeed, one can see his ensemble being the finest seen since the days of John Ford and Preston Sturges and his style being the modern successor to Altman.  They, and he, are that good. (more…)

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