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35 Rhums

Gregoire Colin as Noe and Mati Dop as Josephine in Claire Denis's '35 Shots of Rum'

by Sam Juliano

      Enigmatic French director Claire Denis has long ignored traditional plot conventions and a preponderance of dialogue to craft seemingly oblique dramas that have favored physicality and wordless expression.  The noted auteur stays the course in what can rightfully be seen as her most accesible film to date, 35 Shots of Rum, a purposely aimless study of a short time in the life of a small group of Parisians.  Typically, Denis doesn’t rush to present the relationship between characters, and only gradually does the audience discover the revealing narrative data.  And with a noted sparcity of dialogue, her films, this one included, have been maddening for some cinematic prospectors who desire more than the meagre narrative information on display.  The fimmaking style here is abstract, and any hint of linear structure is dashed by small snippets from the characters’ lives which posess little continuity to mirror the way characters meet and interact in real life, which is also a series of encounters and time spent together with no necessary order or sequence. (more…)

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