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by Joel Bocko

Over on the Examiner, I’ve initiated a series to explore recent cinema. It’s called “Best of the 21st Century?” (emphasis on the question mark).

There are good reasons for this, both critical and personal. Critically, the motivation is obvious. We are approaching 2010; the first decade of our young millennium has come to pass, and as our own digits predispose us to think in tens, it’s a time to take stock of things. Personally, my inspiration for this exercise is even stronger: I just haven’t seen many movies from the 00s. That’s why I am only writing about the movies I haven’t seen on the guide list – a number that still encompasses just over half of the titles. (That list, compiled from various critics’ lists, is a fairly “objective” analysis of the most acclaimed films. This still leaves room for dreck like King Kong which, thankfully having suffered through once, I won’t have to review here. Sorry, Dennis.) The list will be updated in January 2010, and I may update my approach to reflect the new list. I’ll be posting every couple days until we’ve caught up with what I’ve already reviewed on the Examiner, and after Christmas we’ll probably take a one-a-week approach, which means this list could theoretically go into 2012 (on second thought, we may have to speed up my approach here…). In the mean time, it will serve as preparation for Allan’s own 2000s, a full-on canonical approach, to be initiated after his massive “100 best films of the silent era” is completed. All my pieces will be on the Examiner, which is where the series originated, but if you follow the embedded links on my posts here, the site will not be difficult to reach.

Follow the jump and you can read my introduction to the series, as well as a full list of all the titles, seen and unseen by me (an asterisk indicates the films I have not seen, and thus will be reviewing…as long as they are available on Netflix). Some of the films’ titles are linked to reviews I’ve already written, either for one of my blogs or for the Examiner prior to this series beginning. Feel free to share your own thoughts on recent cinema below – but save your top 25/50 lists for Allan’s countdown, which will begin in the springtime.

[The link is no longer active. This list has also been updated and the relaunch of the series started here.]

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