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by Allan Fish

(US 1920 29m) DVD1/2

How to commit suicide

p  Hal Roach  d  Fred C.Newmeyer  w  Sam Taylor, H.M.Walker  story  Hal Roach, Sam Taylor  ph  Walter Lundin  ed  Thomas J.Crizer  m  Robert Israel

Harold Lloyd (the boy), Mildred Davis (the girl), Mark Jones (acrobat), Roy Brooks (the other fellow), Charles Stevenson (cop),

There’s an immortal shot of Harold Lloyd that sticks in my mind more than any other.  In actual fact, it’s not a shot at all, but a production still.  I first remember seeing it on the cover of the 6th edition of the Halliwell Film Guide in about 1988, and it shows Lloyd, legs wide apart, hands out in front of him as if he’s trying to stop an oncoming car, bespectacled eyes betraying a look of sheer terror.  But because just the figure of Lloyd was shown, one would be forgiven for thinking that he was trying to stop a car.  In reality, it’s an oncoming girder on a crane from the top of an incomplete skyscraper.  Adding this vital component finally not only makes sense of the still, but shows how it could only have been Lloyd. (more…)

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