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Bob Clark, who writes for The Aspect Ratio, is also part of the Wonders in the Dark staff, and he’s also a high-profile commentator at the site.  He recently published his Top 100 of the Decade at TAR in three installments, culminating with his Top 10 countdown.  From top left, are caps from his ten choices:  Mary Harron’s American Psycho, George Lucas’ Revenge of the Sith, Ari Folman’s Waltz With Bashir, Steven Soderbergh’s Che, Martin Campbell’s Casino Royale, Satoshi Kon’s Paprika, Mike Nichols’ Angels in America, David Lynch’s Inland Empire, Richard Linklater’s Waking Life and Sergei Bodrov’s Mongol. The link to this Top Ten includes substantial commentary and can be accessed here:
To access Clark’s remaining 90 choices, one is asked to click on these links:

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by Allan Fish

(Denmark 1925 97m) DVD2

Aka. Su Skal Aere Din Hustru

Honour thy wife


d  Carl T.Dreyer  w  Carl T.Dreyer, Sven Rindom  play  “Tyraennens Fald” by Sven Rindom  ph  George Schnévoigt  art  Carl T.Dreyer

Johannes Meyer (Viktor Fransden), Astrid Holm (Ida Fransden), Karin Nellemose (Karin Fransden), Mathilde Nielsen (Nanny Mads), Clara Schoenfeld (Mrs Kryer), Johannes Nielsen (doctor), Petrine Sonne (washerwoman),

For many years there was a school of thought that Carl Dreyer never really hit his straps until he went to France and made his legendary La Passion de Jeanne d’Arc.  It’s no more true than it was when Bergman made his big splashes with Smiles of a Summer Night and The Seventh Seal.  Just as he had the likes of Summer with Monika and Sawdust and Tinsel so Dreyer had Master of the House.  Indeed, he also directed Leaves from Satan’s Book and, especially, The Parson’s Widow.  That film was a minor classic in itself, a morality tale and redemptive story of illicit romance.  Both are outshone, however, by Master of the House, which qualifies as his first truly major work.  Tom Milne said of it that it was “my own personal favourite among Dreyer’s films, and its golden simplicity almost defies description.”  It may not be my favourite, but the latter part of the statement is absolutely on the money. (more…)

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