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by Allan Fish

(USSR 1927 95m) DVD1

Aka. Tretya Meshchanskaya

King, queen, jack…

d  Abram Room  w  Abram Room, Viktor Shklovsky  ph  Grigori Giber  ed  Abram Room  art  Vasili Rakhals, Sergei Yutkevich

Nikolai Batalov (Kolia), Lyudmila Semyonova (Liuda), Leonid Yurenyov (porter), Vladimir Fogel (Volodia), Yelena Sokolova (nurse), Mariya Yarotskaya,

Over thirty years before François Truffaut redefined the very term ménage à trois in his masterwork Jules et Jim, Abram Room shocked Soviet Moscow with this classic study in sexism, modernity and domesticity in Stalin’s capital.  As some critics pointed out, the central situation has a sophistication that reminds one of Noël Coward, and Room mixed this most dextrously with the style of the montage school so favoured in the silent masterworks of Communist Russia. (more…)

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