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End of the Examiner

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by Allan Fish

(USA 1925 75m) DVD1/2

Just Call me Speedy!

p  Harold Lloyd  d  Fred Newmeyer, Sam Taylor  w  Sam Taylor, Ted Wilde, Tim Whelan, John Grey  ph  Walter Lundin, Harry Kohler

Harold Lloyd (Harold Lamb), Jobyna Ralston (Peggy), Brooks Benedict (The College Cad), James Anderson (Chester A.Trask, The College Hero), Hazel Keener (college belle), Joseph Harrington (college tailor), Pat Harmon (football coach), Mae Wallace (Harold’s mother), Charles Stevenson (assistant coach), Grady Sutton, Charles Farrell,

College life has long been a staple of American cinema, and I think it’s fair to say that the first major study of it came in this exquisite Harold Lloyd comedy from 1925.  It’s trademark Lloyd in so many ways, but don’t expect the death-defying stunts of Safety Last, for his stunt-work here was of the ‘black and blue’ variety.  In short, I’m sure he ached like hell after numerous sequences.  Looked back upon from the vantage point of eighty years, it might seem from another world.  There’s certainly no interest in the Academic side of college, which was probably even more prevalent then than it is today.  Likewise, this is not the era of the sixties so memorably parodied in Animal House; no Toga parties, naked breasts, food fights or pot smoking here.  This is the college of idealistic yore, the college where it was a social event not an academic training ground for tomorrow’s leaders.  As in the Marx Brothers’ later excursion into the same field, Horse Feathers, it’s like a time capsule into another world and, as such, should be treasured. (more…)

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