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by Allan Fish

(USA 1928 64m) not on DVD

Aka. Solitude

I’ll be loving you…always

p  Carl Laemmle Jnr  d  Pal Fejos  w  Edward T.Lowe Jnr, Mann Page  ph  Gilbert Warrenton  ed  Frank Atkinson  art  Charles D.Hall

Barbara Kent (Mary), Glenn Tryon (Jim),

Poor Pal Fejos has not been smiled upon by the fates.  His groundbreaking part-talkie Broadway only survives in a bastardised state, The Last Performance only survives butchered in length and unrecognisable in quality, while The Lost Moment is a lost batch of moments, one of the silent classics sadly vanished into the collective ether.  Even his best talkie, Marie – A Hungarian Legend, a Franco-Hungarian release with Annabella, has rarely been seen in an English friendly version.  Then we have Lonesome, that late silent whispered of gem, which David Thomson called “a great achievement, enough to convince anyone that Fejos could hardly use a camera without being eloquent.”  All true, but how many have seen it?  (more…)

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