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Sam Juliano’s Sums Up Why He Predicts Mo’Nique Will Win…For Best Supporting Actress.
By Sam Juliano…
The nominees for the 2009 Best Supporting Actress category were practically a foregone conclusion with the possible exception of the omission of veteran
Julianne Moore, who gave a moving performance as…”Charley,”…a close friend of”George” (played by Colin Firth) in A Single Man….Ms. Moore, who was a nominal favorite to land a berth, lost out to…Maggie Gyllenthal,
…who was a mild surprise for her turn in Crazy Heart. 
Hence, the final five here were in a general sense widely anticipated, and one would be hard-pressed to point to any nomination injustices outside of Moore.
Alex Goren in Jason Reitman’s Up in the Air, Vera Farmiga…portrays a frequent flyer opposite George Clooney, who is also a successful and confident woman who complicates Clooney’s life in more ways than one. She’s a love interest who plays by her own rules, and makes men follow her and not the other way around. 
Farmiga has won considerable critical praise for this performance, but even if this were a category without a clear favorite (which is not the case) her chances are weakened considerable by the nomination of her co-star…
…Anna Kendrick,as in such situations the votes usually split and another nominee prevails.  This is Farmiga’s first nomination as is the case with all the others in this category save for
Penelope Cruz.


 Anna Kendrick, Up in the Air’s other nominee in this category, plays Natalie Keener, an ambitious young woman who is pushing a plan to cut costs by having employees stay grounded and conduct layoffs over the internet.  Ms. Kendrick has received several critics’ organizations awards as Best Supporting Actress for her performance, but in the end she has the same problem as her co-star Vera Farmiga, in that multiple nominees from the same film usually cancel each other out.
 Maggie Gyllenthal, a talented star, plays a journalist named Jean Craddock, who has a brief affair with Bad Blake, the hard-drinking country music star, played by
Jeff Bridges, in Crazy Heart. Although Gyllenthal’s nomination was a mild surprise, as it turns out she is really the only candidate who has a long-shot chance at beating out the category’s heavy favorite,
Mo’Nique.However, with Bridges almost a sure thing to capture the Best Actor prize, it is extremely doubtful that voters will give yet another award to Crazy Heart. 
The only actress in this category to have been nominated before, the beautiful and gifted Penelope Cruz, was honored for playing “Daniel Day-Lewis’ “mistress” in the musical Nine, a film that was otherwise ignored.  Cruz earned her nomination with an impressive and diversified turn here in Rob Marshall’s glitzy flick, but this is a case where the “nomination is the prize” rather than there being any realistic expectation for Cruz to come home with the big prize.


The Nominees For Best Supporting Actress… 
Nominated Role…


Penélope Cruz portrays Carla, the passionate “mistress” of a married film director.
In The Musical Nine
Ms. Cruz…Academy Awards History

This is the third Academy Award nomination for Penélope Cruz. She was previously nominated for:
VICKY CRISTINA BARCELONA (2008) — Winner, Actress in a Supporting Role
VOLVER (2006) — Nominee, Actress in a Leading Role

Nominated Role…


As Alex Goran, Vera Farmiga plays a business traveler who begins a no-strings-attached affair with a man she meets in a hotel bar. In “Up in the Air.”
Ms. Goran…Academy Awards History

This is the first Academy Award nomination for Vera Farmiga.

Nominated Role…


Maggie Gyllenhaal plays Jean Craddock, a journalist whose love and admiration for a broken-down country-western singer may change his life…In “Crazy Heart.”
Ms. Gyllenhaal…Academy Awards History.

This is the first Academy Award nomination for Maggie Gyllenhaal.

Nominated Role…


As Natalie Keener, Anna Kendrick plays an ambitious but inexperienced young woman who is sent on an eye-opening series of trips with a veteran colleague. In “Up in the Air.”
Ms. Kendrick…Academy Awards History

This is the first Academy Award nomination for Anna Kendrick.


Sam Juliano…Predicts The Winner Will Be…
According to Sam Juliano…That leaves Mo’Nique, who played conflicted and abusive Mary, mother of a violated Harlem teenager named “Precious” (Gabourney Sidibe was nominated as Best Actress for her role here). The impression that Mo’Nique leaves is one of shock and horror, and the actress takes full advantage of this ‘feast of a role’ which won her many awards from critics’ groups as well as the vital SAG (Screen Actors Guild), the Golden Globe, and most recently the BAFTA (British Academy Award). The fact that she really knows how to speak too, having delivered moving acceptance presentations at the Globes and SAG, also endears her to many, and coupled with her electrifying performance in a showy role, her win here is really a no-brainer, and one of the night’s true “locks.”

Sam Juliano…Predicts The Winner Will Be:

Mo’Nique, in Precious

Sam Juliano…Personal Choice:

Mo’Nique, in Precious.
Note: I wasn’t the biggest fan of the film “Precious” but I’ll admit that Mo’Nique was a powerhouse.
Nominated Role:
Mo’Nique portrays Mary, an abusive mother whose cruel behavior has had a devastating effect on her pregnant teenage daughter.
Ms. Mo’Nique…Academy Awards History

This is the first Academy Award nomination for Mo’Nique.

Once again…Now that Sam Juliano, have announced his prediction…Now it’s your turn to go over to the poll and vote too!
Do you agree with Sam Juliano’s prediction? If not, tell the Wonders in the Dark readers, Why not…or tell them why you do agree with Sam Juliano’s prediction?
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by Allan Fish

(France 1915 399m) DVD1/2

Irma Vep, Irma Vep!

p/d/w/ed  Louis Feuillade  ph  Manichaux  m  Robert Israel  art  Garnier

Musidora (Irma Vep), Eduard Mathé (Philippe Guerandé), Marcel Levesque (Oscar Mazamette), Louis Leubas (Satanas), Jean Aymé (1st Grand Vampire), Fernard Hermann (Moreno), Stacia Napierkowska (Marfa Koutiloff), Edmund Bréon (Secretaire de Satanas), Moriss (Venemous), Germaine Rouer (Augustine), René Carl (L’Andalouse), Bout-de-Zan (Eustace Mazamette), Delphine Renot (Mère de Guerandé), Thalès,

Louis Feuillade’s serials have long been regarded like unicorns and the Loch Ness monster; creatures of myth and legend, rarely if ever glimpsed and talked of in hushed tones.  His masterpiece, or at least his most revered and best surviving work, is Les Vampires, a delirious nearly seven hour long melange of virtually every crime cliché in the book.  (Indeed, this film was responsible for bringing many of the clichés to life.)  Vampires has it all; double switches, mistaken identity murders, rooftop and road chases, ingenious escapes, secret passageways, code books, rival gangs, crooked cops, undercover operators, crusading reporters – you name it, this has it.

            The basic plot shows how Philippe Guerandé leads a crusade against a criminal underworld organisation known as the Vampires, who include many important figures in society (aping the Masons?) in their number and have rules and regulations like the best crime syndicates.  It takes him a while, and there is much double and triple dealing, but eventually the group are wiped out in a climactic raid. (more…)

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