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by Allan Fish

(USA 2009 78m) DVD1/2

Chelsea Girl

p  Mark Cuban, Todd Wagner, Gregory Jacobs  d  Steven Soderbergh  w  David Levien, Brian Koppelmann  ph/ed  Steven Soderbergh  m  Ross Godfrey  art  Carlos Moore

Sasha Grey (Christine/Chelsea), Chris Santos (Chris),

In between his mainstream efforts, as a way of cleansing himself from the popularity of the God-awful Ocean’s series, Steven Soderbergh likes to take an experimental turn (see the excruciating Schizopolis and Full Frontal).  For this effort, he was casting in the lead not only a porn star but a porn star to whom, as literally minutes of browsing on wikipedia can uphold, nothing is taboo.  It made me think of the attempts of other porn stars to make it in the mainstream – of Traci Lords, the late Marilyn Chambers – and of Billie Piper.  Yes, dear Billie, who after being left in Bad Wolf Bay by the 10th Timelord shed the family image to play Belle de Jour, a real-life call girl, in the truly awful The Secret Diary of a Call Girl.  Billie was game, and it was a sure bet that Sasha would be gamer, but those who knew Soderbergh’s oeuvre would know that any sex in his films is always inexplicit, and he makes this no different, with nudity so minimal that Billie outdid Sasha.  (Grey and Soderbergh both knew if you want to see Sasha fucked, you know where to look.) (more…)

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