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by Allan Fish

(France 2007 83m) DVD1/2

Aka. À l’intérieur

You killed me once

p  Vérane Frédiani, Franck Ribière  d  Alexandre Bustillo, Julien Maury  w  Alexandre Bustillo  ph  Laurent Barès  ed  Baxter  m  François Eudes  art  Marc Thiébault

Béatrice Dalle (the woman), Alysson Paradis (Sarah), Nathalie Roussel (Louise), François-Régis Marchasson (Jean-Pierre), Jean-Baptiste Tabourin (Mathieu), Dominique Frot (nurse), Nicolas Devauchelle (cop),

On 9th November 1888 Thomas Bowyer made his way to 13 Miller’s Court to collect back rent from the young tenant.  Receiving no reply, he peered through a crack in the window and saw a sight that doubtless remained burnt into his consciousness for the rest of his life.  Jack the Ripper, whoever he may have been (William Bury gets my vote), had taken his final victim and left her in pieces on and around her bed.  I remember the first time I saw the sepia photo taken at the crime scene and thinking that here was the result of utter abandonment to psychopathic frenzy the like of which I hope I never see. 

            Now go forward roughly a century to a time when the bedrooms of many boys and young men throughout the land were decorated with posters of Béatrice Dalle in Betty Blue; that insouciant pout, she reeked of sex.  And we had all seen the VHS of what became one of the few cool foreign films, with that opening five minutes, all that sex and casual nudity, that stance in a red dress sans underwear on the bonnet of a vehicle.  Everyone dreamt of Betty, but did they see the film to the end, or were they just there for the sex?  It all goes pear shaped and Betty goes bonkers; stark raving bonkers.  (more…)

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