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    This week’s Monday Morning Diary will become the Tuesday Morning Diary, as per usual practice when we have a three-day ‘holiday’ weekend stateside.  While a number of folks head down the shore, others opt to barbeque at home for the Memorial Day breather, while still others (like Yours Truly) will be taking the family into Manhattan on Sunday.  In any case, it always seems appropriate to count Monday as part of the weekend, with Tuesday the proper time to unwind and “come clean.”  Best Wishes to all for a wonderful time today and tomorrow, and for those living in the U.K., Ireland, India and Australia, please permit this indulgence.  Obviously then, the date for this week’s Tuesday Morning Diary will be June 1.

     The new ‘Guess the Pic’ (below) looks like a humdinger!

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Guess the Pic

From Mr Lyre: “Look, a black cat!”

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by Allan Fish

(France 2002 90m) DVD1/2

Aka. Friday Night

At times like this we need to be charitable

p  Bruno Pesery  d  Claire Denis  w  Emmanuele Bernheim, Claire Denis  novel  Emmanuele Bernheim  ph  Agnes Godard  ed  Nelly Quettier  m  Dickon Hinchliffe  art  Katia Wyszkop 

Valerie Lemercier (Laure), Vincent Lindon (Jean),

To those au fait with the oeuvre of Claire Denis, they may have turned to the directors list at the back and be amazed that there was only one of her films listed in the main body of this book.  And perhaps they would be even more amazed at the film chosen.  To them, it would be like only including one Hitchcock and including Marnie, a perfectly satisfactory work but by no means one of the master’s touchstones.  Where is Beau Travail, where is The Intruder, where is 35 Shots of Rum?  The truth is that, though they’re admirable enough in their way, they leave me cold.  I know I’m in the minority, but Denis too often leaves me cold.  Maybe that’s why I like Vendredi Soir; it’s anything but cold.  It’s a slow burner, like one of those old Calor Gas heaters.  It takes its time, but then out of nothing you realise you’ve stopped shivering.

            It’s a cold night in Paris and Laure is getting ready to leave her apartment for the final time after packing everything up prior to moving in with her partner, François.  She gets into her car and begins the journey, but a public transport strike is playing havoc on the roads and the traffic jam goes into gridlock.  Rain is in the air, it’s chilly outside, and stationery cars offer their doors to pedestrians wandering around outside.  Reticent at first, Laure opens her doors to a forty-something man called Jean, and they drive along at a funereal pace gradually becoming more relaxed in each other’s company.  (more…)

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