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by Allan Fish

(Italy 2001 99m) DVD1/2

Aka. La Stanza del Figlio

Man standing before the universe

p  Angelo Barbaglio, Nanni Moretti  d  Nanni Moretti  w  Linda Ferri, Nanni Moretti, Heidrun Schleef  ph  Giuseppe Lanci  ed  Esmerelda Calabria  m  Nicola Piovani  art  Giancarlo Basili

Nanni Moretti (Giovanni), Laura Morante (Paola), Jasmine Trinca (Irene), Giuseppe Sanfelice (Andrea), Sofia Vigliar (Arianna), Renato Scarpa (Headmaster), Marcello Bernacchini (Luciano), Antonio Petrocelli (Enrico), Stefano Accorsi, Silvio Orlando,

Could there have been a greater change of pace for Nanni Moretti after the likes of Dear Diary and Aprile, very personal documentaries or cine-essays tinged with an observant comic sensibility that made him a critical darling.  To follow up those two films he gave us something radically different, something that, though fictional, had the same stamp of keen observance that stamped his earlier work, but with an emotional knockout punch. 

            Moretti plays Giovanni, a respected psychiatrist with his own business who spends his days listening to the increasingly trivial pretensions of his patients, and looking forward to spending times with his wife Paola and their teenage children, Andrea and Irene.  Andrea is accused by a vengeful boy of stealing a rare fossil from a laboratory at school and is suspended.  In the aftermath, Giovanni arranges to go for a run one Sunday to have a chat, but then one of his patients’ demands to be seen in an emergency appointment.  Reluctantly, he agrees while Andrea goes off with friends to scuba dive.  When Giovanni returns home he finds the police waiting to tell him that Andrea has been killed in a driving accident and that he must now tell his daughter that her brother has died, before returning home to his wife. (more…)

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