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by Allan Fish

(USA 2006 180m) DVD1/2

No more blue tomorrows

p  David Lynch, Mary Sweeney  d/w  David Lynch  ph/ed  David Lynch  m  none  art  Christina Ann Wilson, Wojciech Wolniak

Laura Dern (Nikki Grace/Susan Blue), Jeremy Irons (Kingsley Stewart), Justin Theroux (Devon Berk/Billy Side), Harry Dean Stanton (Freddie Howard), Julia Ormond (Doris Side), Grace Zabriskie (Visitor #1), Diane Ladd (Marilyn Levens), Neil Dickson (producer), William H.Macy (announcer), Mary Steenburgen (Visitor #2), Emily Stofle (Lani), Jordan Ladd (Terri), Laura Harring, Nastassja Kinski, Naomi Watts (voice),

Never was an essay in this tome more like playing devil’s advocate to myself.  Here is arguably the most self-indulgent film of the entire selection.  A film which takes H.P.Lovecraft’s famous mantra, also followed by Kubrick in The Shining, “in all things mysterious, never explain” and multiplies it to the power of infinity.  It’s completely impenetrable, deliberately opaque, shatteringly perverse and throughout it all, one has a feeling that the director has played a massive trick on the viewer, by redefining audience tolerance.  Lynch is of course the crown prince of weird, as earlier masterpieces Blue Velvet, Twin Peaks and Mulholland Drive showed, but this is way, way beyond the non-linear elements of those films. 

            Nikki Grace is an actress married to a powerful man with a psychotic jealous reputation, who’s auditioned for the lead in a new film to be directed by Kingsley Stewart, starring noted ladies man Devon Berk.  She receives a visit from an Eastern European accented ‘neighbour’ who tells her she’s got the part before it’s even been confirmed and who then proceeds to insult Nikki, who asks her to leave.  At that point, Nikki gets a call from her agent telling her she’s got the part.  All is well until, during a read through, she is told what the director has just found out, that the script is not actually an original, but one that was attempted years before, only to be left unfinished after the death of the two stars.  (more…)

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