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Guess the pic

From Michele Converso.

Hint: Another film from the 70s, also notoriously lacking a proper DVD release.

The winner can submit their screen-cap to movieman0283@gmail.com. Do not include film title in file name so I can participate as well!
Please give at least a day or two for picture to go up.

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by Allan Fish

(USA 2001 112m) DVD1/2

He just cuts the hair

Ethan Coen  Joel Coen  Ethan Coen, Joel Coen  ph  Roger Deakins  ed  Roderick Jaynes  Carter Burwell (and Ludwig Van Beethoven)  art  Dennis Gassner  cos  Mary Zophres

Billy Bob Thornton (Ed Crane), Frances McDormand (Doris Crane), James Gandolfini (Big Dave Brewster), Michael Badalucco (Frank), Richard Jenkins (Walter Abundas), Scarlett Johansson (Birdie Abundas), Jon Polito (Creighton Tolliver), Tony Shalhoub (Freddy Riedenschneider), Katharine Horowitz (Ann Brewster), Christopher MacDonald (Macadam salesman), Jennifer Jason Leigh (inmate),

It’s seen as a film noir homage and reworking of the world of James Cain, of shady characters, rough justice poetically dispatched by fates seemingly laughing at what Rick Blaine said the hills of beans the problems of a few little people add up to.  In some ways they would be right, it does owe something to The Postman Always Rings Twice, but it owes aspects to many other sources.  In actuality what we really have here is an art film, and a spellbinding one which dares to have as its protagonist a virtual blank, a non-entity who by his own words is just a barber. 

            Meet Ed Crane, second barber at a small family barber’s shop in 1949 California – Santa Rosa to be precise – who becomes increasingly aware that his wife Doris is having an affair with her boss, Dave Brewster.  At first he doesn’t really seem to care until one day one of his customers, one Creighton Tolliver, tells him of a business proposition surrounding the then burgeoning possibilities in dry cleaning.  Ed needs $10,000 to become silent partner in the enterprise, and so hits on the scheme to anonymously blackmail Dave into getting the money.  He gets the money only for Dave to find out about the nefarious scheme and confront Ed.  There’s a big fight and, pretty much in self-defence, Ed kills Dave.  To his surprise, it’s his wife who’s fingered for the murder as she’d been cooking the books of the store – at Dave’s behest, but the police doesn’t know that.  (more…)

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