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by Phillip Johnston

     If ever you visit Flannery O’Connor’s Andalusia home in Milledgeville, Georgia, make sure you have detailed directions because, like a good man, the immortal author’s beautiful homestead is quite hard to find. Luckily, my friends and I had good directions for our visit a few weeks ago, but I was still unprepared to drive through about three miles of retail world before arriving at O’Connor’s farm, a property that must have been situated in the middle of nowhere when her mother purchased it in the early 1900s.
After turning off the highway, we were greeted with a blast of lush Georgia summertime green, trees in full bloom, birds diving across the scenery—it really is a beautiful place, entirely separated from the Wal-Marts and car dealerships that surround it. About a quarter mile up the drive, on the right, is the main house where O’Connor lived with her mother from 1951 until her death from Lupus in 1964 at age thirty-nine. (more…)

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Guess the pic

From a certain Fish Juliano (doesn’t have the same ring to it – though for extra credit, we know what a “fish” is; what’s a “juliano”?)…

The winner can submit their screen-cap to movieman0283@gmail.com. Do not include film title in file name so I can participate as well! (Give a day or two for the new picture to go up)

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by Allan Fish

(USA/UK 2004 101m) DVD1/2

Hello, stranger

p  Cary Brokaw, Mike Nichols, Scott Rudin, John Calley  d  Mike Nichols  w  Patrick Marber  play  Patrick Marber  ph  Stephen Goldblatt  ed  John Bloom, Antonia Van Drimmelen  m  Stephen Patrick Morrissey  art  Tim Hatley  cos  Ann Roth

Julia Roberts (Anna), Jude Law (Dan), Natalie Portman (Alice Ayres/Jane Jones), Clive Owen (Larry),

‘Can’t Take My Eyes off You’ goes the song over the opening sequence.  How apt, for here’s a film that truly does, as the title suggests, demand that you look closer, under the skin, to what lies beneath.  Four characters who, on the outside, seem to have it all – youth, beauty, intelligence – and yet who are doomed to love, hurt and destroy one another through the space of the four years in which the film takes place. 

            Walking down a London street one day, Dan, an obits writer for a national newspaper, catches the eye of a young American girl, Alice, as she walks in the opposite direction.  When she gets run over by a taxi because she looked the wrong way – not used to British traffic coming from the opposite direction – he takes her to hospital and falls in love with her that afternoon.  Some months later, Dan is in a photographic studio, that of another American, Anna, who has just separated.  He falls in love with her, and Alice soon guesses.  One night Dan is messing around on an internet sex chat room pretending to be a nympho called Anna, and catches the attention of a doctor called Larry.  Dan tricks Larry into going to the aquarium to meet this Anna, because he knows American Anna likes going there… (more…)

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