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by Allan Fish

(Philippines 2008 480m) not on DVD

The sadness of the world

d/w Lav Diaz  ph Lav Diaz  ed Lav Diaz  m Lav Diaz, The Brockas

Angeli Bayani (Jenine/Alberta), Perry Dizon (Danny Boy/Julian), Malaya Cruz (Rina), Roeder Camanag (Renato), Cooky Chua (Patricia), Yanyan Taa (Hannah), Dante Perez,

Just the night before first sitting down for the marathon sitting of Lav Diaz’s entire opus, I had been rewatching the flawed 1995 TV film England, My England, John Osborne’s final work detailing the life of Henry Purcell.  It had the feel of a funeral, not just because of the use of Wendy Carlos’s reworking of the immortal Purcell ‘Funeral March of Queen Mary’ for A Clockwork Orange, but in addition to Osborne’s final work it was also the last performance of Robert Stephens as Dryden.  So far, so how is this relevant?

And so it was that I took on Diaz’ masterpiece less than 24 hours later.  A film that took me through a door that I thought had long closed and untouched since the heyday of Jacques Rivette.  There had been long films since, films that would never be seen as commercial propositions, but Diaz was going further than anyone before.  None of his films are on DVD, and this one wasn’t even his longest.  It’s the only one I have been able to track down at the time of writing and is enough to convince me that he belongs in the higher echelons of cinematic visionaries still working today, with Lynch, Malick, Von Trier, Davies, Tarr, Haneke and Sokurov.  All this from a film which could be argued as an oxymoron; the eight hour plea for cinematic minimalism.  (more…)

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