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Guess the pic

Courtesy of Samuel

The winner can submit their screen-cap to movieman0283@gmail.com. Do not include film title in file name so I can participate as well! (Give a day or two for the new picture to go up)

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Copyright © 2010 by James Clark

This is a film the components of which are balanced with unprecedented complexity and delicacy. It is, on the other hand, not hard to enter into the immense and peculiar physicality comprising its heartbeat, because it is powered by virtuosic visual and aural concentrations concerning primeval America so kinetically charged as to function as a multiplex narcotic. Not only, thereby, does the moviegoer unmistakably become transported into dynamics on a scale having been expunged from the history of “the old world.” While it’s at it, the preparation goes a long way toward discontinuing the reflex to comprehend motion as encompassed and superseded by substantial objects and their causal programs. Therefore, when Captain Smith, assigned to bring off a reconciliation between the abrasive gracelessness of his exploratory compatriots, at Jamestown, in 1607, and the vivacious gracefulness of “the naturals” inhabiting the landing point at mid-Atlantic North America, reflects, in a voiceover channel constituting one of the film’s major constructs, “What urges me on?…What voice guides me towards the best?” he really does put into question the nature of his origin and fate. The unusual architecture of this work is not going to settle for anything like conventional underpinnings and destinies. (more…)

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