Archive for August 12th, 2010

by Maurizio Roca

It’s not often that I have no significant plans staring me in the face come Saturday or Sunday. It seems like every weekend someone I know is either getting married or baptized (though not interred thankfully). The weeks and months go by and precious free time is often at a premium. Lucky for me, this weekend would be different. I had two days filled with vacant space and a mind and a body that was preparing to settle on a comfortable couch in front of the television. But the question remained…which films would I pull out of my DVD library and schedule for viewing over two days? I was in the mood to watch some westerns…the images of horses, tumbleweeds, and six shooters had been gnawing at my brain for days. The three pictures I decided upon: The Gunfighter, Heaven’s Gate, and The Searchers. The first overlooked, the second lambasted, and the third heralded by many as the greatest western ever. I was in for some wonders in the dark indeed.

With my air conditioner blasting and summer long exhausted as a pleasurable excuse to venture outdoors (the oppressive global warming of the past months had definitely taken its toll on me), I began the process of watching all three.


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