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by Joel

In what may become an ongoing gesture, I’d like to point your attention to an interview conducted nearly 50 years ago. In December 1962, Cahiers du cinema spoke with their alumnus Jean-Luc Godard, who in just about three years had become a prolific and world-famous filmmaker. Many of you have probably read this, but it’s worth re-visiting, because of the 50th anniversary of Breathless (A bout de souffle), because we’ve been discussing relevant issues here (from Godard’s method to the relationship between filmmaking and criticism), and because it’s always fun to read Godard. Hopefully a lively discussion will ensue.

I was going to transcribe the piece, but luckily it is excerpted in Google Books, and the first page is here:

“Jean-Luc Godard: ‘From Critic to Film-Maker’: Godard in interview (extracts)”

Just to kick off some conversation, here are a few prime quotes:


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by Allan Fish

Further to Maurizio’s query in the Wuthering Heights thread, to liven up a lazy Sunday I list the numbers of ***** and ****½ films directors have – in my opinion – taken from those listed in my book (using those with three or more entries). 

They’re ordered by *****, then ****½.  Start throwing things at the monitor as soon as you click CONTINUE READING. 


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