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Vincent Price in William Castle’s ‘The Tingler’

Sam with lead star Prince Adu of Sean Baker’s ‘Prince of Broadway’

by Sam Juliano

Labor Day has come and gone, and some beautiful weather has emerged in the aftermath of an overestimated hurricaine that crossed the shores of North Carolina, before moving out to sea.  The autumn season moves closer, and with it the launching of many cultural opportunities for those motivated to seek them out.  Sports fans stateside of course have the last stages of the baseball season and the playoffs, while NFL troupers, can look ahead to Saturday for opening day.

Here at Wonders in the Dark, the long-awaited horror countdown is upon us, and Jamie Uhler, Troy Olson and Kevin Olson have posted a terrific introduction, and a promised official launching today.  Meanwhile, Allan Fish’s continuing coverage of classic Japanese cinema has continued with a bevy of superlative capsule reviews, and Jim Clark penned another terrifically exhaustive essay, this time on Catherine Brelliat’s 36 Fillette.

On the cultural and movie front, I was again able to pull off a torrid week, though it is certain this will be the last one of this kind for a long time, what with school starting and other responsibilities to answer for.  After nearly a year since my last procedure, it appears that my kidney stones have formed again.  This spells a period of discomfort, that frankly I am not looking forward to.

With Lucille and Broadway Bob in tow I took in the off-Broadway production An Error of the Moon at the Beckett Theatre at Theatre Row on 42nd Street.  The interesting show was a fictional portrait of the brothers Edwin and John Wilkes Booth, “rock stars”  of their day.  Edwin tells his tale of a man consumed by sexual jealousy, bitter sibling rivalry and the mad obsession that sparked the assassination of Abraham Lincoln, Simple but effective staging, and two fine lead performances made this a reasonably engaging show of speculative fiction.   (***  of *****)

Here’s what I saw and experienced this past week in movie theatres:

The Prince of Broadway  ****     (Friday night)   Angelika Film Center

The Whistler  ** 1/2  (Monday Night 8-30)  William Castle Festival

Mark of the Whistler **  (Monday Night 8-30) William Castle Festival

Mysterious Intruder **  (Monday Night 8-30)  William Castle Festival

Macabe ***      (Wednesday Night)     William Castle Festival

13 Ghosts **     (Wednesday Night)    William Castle Festival

When Strangers Marry **** (Thursday) William Castle Festival

The Night Walker  *** 1/2  (Thursday night) William Castle Festival

Let’s Kill Uncle  ***        (Thursday night)  William Castle Festival

The Tingler   *** 1/2   (Sunday afternoon) William Castle Festival

Late Spring *****   (Monday/Labor Day)  Ozu Festival at IFC (more…)

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