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Pat Tillman

by Sam Juliano

At Wonders in the Dark, it’s clear that Jamie, Troy, Kevin and Robert have a smashing success with the horror poll, which has exceeded even the most optimistic expectations.  With the 51-100 choices now posted, the site will now move towards Halloween with a one-a-day film, in the fashion of the decade polls.  The  choices and fantastic essays have brought the genre to life and have many tending to their netflix queues.

I finally returned to a life of normalcy, and I feel great as a result.  Two films in theatres and some Thriller episodes at home, and that’s been it.  School has started and responsibilities have to be attended to.  Over the past four days I have actually felt very good, (surprisingly) and am looking forward to the prestige season in the cinemas.

I saw:

The Tillman Story **** 1/2  (Saturday night) Montclair Claridge

The Flavor of  Green Tea Over Rice  **** (Sunday) Ozu Fest at IFC

THE TILLMAN STORY is a shattering, blood-boiling documentary about the famous football player who enlisted to serve two tours of duty in the Middle East, and was killed by “friendly fire” in 2004.  This set an inquiry in motion, and the government was seen as suppressing the truth.  The tireless Mom and family members help to prove that a cover-up was in place from the start in a documentary that rivets, appalls and moves.

Ozu’s lovely film will be included in the complete round-up in November.

I have spent hours this week looking at at being ravished by the newly released Boris Karloff’s Thriller set, with it’s pristine transfers and commentaries, and will have a comprehensive report down the road.

The news of the passing of French legend Claude Chabrol will encourage some meaningful discourse over the coming days and weeks.  Likewise, there will be deserved dialogue too on actor Kevin McCarthy’s passing. (more…)

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