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(Federico Fellini, 1968)

(essay by Troy)
Perhaps a bit of a cheat for the list*, Federico Fellini’s Toby Dammit is the final segment of Spirits of The Dead, an anthology film comprised of two underwhelming pieces and this one superior segment. It’s a mere 40-minutes long, but in that short time Fellini has crafted a perfect mix of dark comedy that turns into horrifying madness.

Before I get too far, I implore you to spend the short amount of time to watch the film. There isn’t an ideal version of the film on DVD as of right now**, as the only way to see Terence Stamp’s incredible English language performance was in a terrible looking print with permanent subtitles.  All other released versions included a French-voiceover for Stamp’s dialogue. That just shouldn’t be, for Stamp’s portrayal is pivotal to the appeal of the film (this is one of those rare times where the dubbed version is superior to the original language version). So I put together my own “version” of the film, mixing the English language soundtrack and the best DVD quality rip I could find, coming up with the following (I’ve embedded Part 1 of 5, links to all five parts follow the video): (more…)

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