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(Yasuzo Masumura, 1969)

(essay by Troy)

A person who thoroughly reveals his or her desire can only be considered mad….[And] what I would like to create is not a stable person who cleverly calculates reality, and safely expresses his or her desire within the calculation. I don’t want to create a humane human being. I want to create a mad person who expresses his or her desire without shame, regardless of what people think.

— Yasuzo Masumura (found via Jonathan Rosenbaum)

I was first made aware of Blind Beast while flipping through Phil Hardy’s Overlook Encyclopedia of Horror, wherein a half-page picture of a blind man feeling a woman’s face immediately caught my attention.  Hardy’s description of the art design and the madness of the ending sparked an interest to seek the film out, but the words still left me with no idea of what actually lay ahead.  The film is based on an Edogawa Rampo (think Edgar Allan Poe meets Arthur Conan Doyle) story, a chilling look into the darker recesses of the psyche and the primal sexual obsessions and extremes that lie within it.


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