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(ESTONIA 1982 15 min)

Director/ Animator / Writer Priit Pärn

by Stephen Russell-Gebbett

Any work of art offers a more entertaining experience if one feels that the artist is enjoying him or herself too. Move your ear a little closer to the screen and you can hear Mr. Pärn laughing.

This is the story of a married couple whose one-dimensional life is turned two-dimensional by a little man who lives under their oven. He makes their straight and stale relationship, where lust and fantasy is half-heartedly batted between man and wife, a triangle.

To begin, Pärn cuts straight from the church (a quick invigorating burst of a wedding march) to a sterile and recognisably archetypal domestic scene. She cooks. He reads the paper. It’s the apotheosis of the ‘married couple’ sketch from dozens of comedy shows. They whisper each other’s names, using them as weapons or in place of probing fingers and greedy eyes: “Julia…Victor…Juuulia…ViiicTOR!”. He reads the paper. She cooks. They think to please their spouse with the perfect fulfilment of a role. Their flirtatious words, their demanding intonations, never grow into action. Her face changes to other women’s faces, his to other men’s.


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