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Some of the high profile talking heads of Charles Ferguson's brilliant documentary "Inside Job"

by Sam Juliano

As as I type here on wordpress on Sunday afternoon, we are in the beginning stages of a ferocious snow blizzard that is promising to drop at least 18 inches on on the NYC and northern New Jersey area before it tapers off sometime tomorrow morning.  The potent post-Christmas storm originiated in the south yesterday, providing startled Dixieites the rarest of occurances: a white Christmas.  While this first appearance of the white stuff for New Yorkers this year will cause all kind of traveling chaos, it won’t affect school chosings, since the holiday break is already in effect until January 3rd.

In the meantime, I just received an e mail from a coordinator at “Inde Screens’ in Brooklyn that the scheduled showings today of several films (including the 8:00 P.M. screening of the documentary Wasteland) will be held as planned.  So, I’ll be donning my winter gear and heading out, as I suppose it’s far more important to do what has to be done to compose a respresentative “Top Ten” list than it is to worry about my personal safety.  Makes sense, no?  Postscript:  I never made it to Wasteland, as I got stuck in the snow about three blocks from the theatre on an unplowed street near the Williamsburg Bridge.  After about 30 minutes, almost miraculously a woman with a shovel passed by and volunteered to help dig me out.  She surely was worth the tip I gave her, as I was thinking I would doomed to spend the night in my car in this seedy riverfront street with condemned factories and deserted cars.  The film is playing at MoMA on Wednesday in Manhattan, so weather permitting I’ll have another shot, if I opt to try again.

The Illusionist   *** 1/2  (Christmas night)  Landmark Cinemas

Inside Job  **** 1/2   (Friday afternoon)  Millburn Cinemas (Millburn, NJ)

The Conformist  *****  (Thursday night)  Film Forum (more…)

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