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Bob’s 2010 Top Ten

Making a top-ten list for the films of any given decade is always a fairly tricky affair, for any number of reasons. Do you wait until you’ve seen all the critically acclaimed films out in release, even the ones you’re sure to be as diametrically opposed to as much as everyone else is enthusiastically in favor of? Do you include late releases from one or two years ago, those international films which are sometimes slow to reach the art-house circuit, which is nowadays so busy with relatively mainstream fare? Do you even limit yourself to a mere count of ten, or perhaps try to find some more personal frame of reference that doesn’t rely on the metric system so much? In the end, the only answers worth anything are the films you decide to list above all others, even if they aren’t popular, up-to-date or neat and tidy. For what it’s worth, here are the releases from the past year that I was most struck by.


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