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Screen capture from Tim Burton's "Edward Scissorhands"

 Copyright © 2011 by James Clark

      Film audiences tend to be remarkably observant of the ways of soldiers of fortune. Even as they might come to eschew such aggrandizement, protagonists (and their acolytes) maintain a bull market for striking self-assertiveness, namely, that of sacrifices on the way to becoming legends. Those movies moving outside of such a box become generally regarded as “weird.” There are filmmakers of that latter persuasion who manage to thrive professionally by virtue of the kind of seductiveness, in being “mysterious” and “exceptional,” exercised upon his new neighbors by Edward Scissorhands in Tim Burton’s widely-enjoyed film of the same name, from 1990. That they come to fear and hate Edward and form a mob to have him put away for good, in order to resume lives of unforgettable pleasure and virtue, speaks to a communicative void the desperation of which endows such vehicles with their drowning-entity grip. (more…)

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