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by Allan Fish

(South Korea 2010 141m) not on DVD

Aka. Akmareul boatda

Spare my life

p  Kim Hyun-woo  d  Kim Ji-woon  w  Park Hoon-jung  ph  Lee Mogae  ed  Nam Na-young  m  Mowg  art  Cho Hwa-sung

Lee Byung-hoon (Kim Soo-hyeon), Choi Min-sik (Jang Gyeong-chul), Jeon Gook-hwan (Chief Jang), Jeon Ho-jin (Chief Oh), Oh San-ha (Joo-yeon), Kim Soon-yeo (Se-yeon),

His previous film had been The Good, the Bad & the Weird, a manically enjoyable roller-coaster of a movie which has already found a place in this work.  No-one could call it serious cinema, but God was it fun, fun enough to make one look forward to his next work with baited breath and a lump in the chest.  It’s a feeling, or rather a description of the said feeling, that I would come to regret using. 

            Kim Soo-hyeon is a young cop on the homicide squad who rings to tell his fiancée he can’t meet her for her birthday as work has got in the way.  Their love is all too clear, and as it happens her car has broke down so she was going to struggle to get there anyway.  A passing driver, with a school minibus, has stopped to help her, but as it turns out, help is the last thing he wants to offer.  He smashes up her car, beats her brutally with a hammer and drags her away to rape, torture and kill her at a remote location.  When her decapitated head is found in a somewhat circus-like forensic hunt, Kim Soo-hyeon swears revenge on behalf of his fiancée and her father, who it transpires is one of his chiefs.  Armed with a GPS tracking capsule and profiles of the four likely suspects, he takes a two week sabbatical from work to keep his promise to make the killer suffer 10,000 times more than his beloved.  (more…)

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