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Director and Producer: Otto Preminger

Screenwriters: Ben Hecht, Robert E. Kent, Frank P. Rosenberg and Victor Trivas

Cinematographer: Joseph LaShelle

Music: Cyril J. Mockridge

Studio: 20th Century Fox 1950

Main Acting: Dana Andrews and Gene Tierney

This is Otto Preminger’s second appearance on this countdown. Where The Sidewalk Ends has many admirers that would proclaim this 1950 film a noir masterpiece. Here, Preminger, Dana Andrews, and Gene Tierney all reunite from their respective success in Laura a few years earlier. Aside from the familiar acting and directing talent, cinematographer Joseph LaShelle also reappears, bringing with him more prominence to the shadowy images following Sgt Mark Dixon’s descent into deceit and corruption. (more…)

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by Jaime Grijalba

I won’t bore you to death with my ramblings on how the Oscars don’t represent a thing, how they end up giving the awards to the same kind of movies. You know why? Because in the bottom of my soul I love them, they give us thrills as we expect our favorites to win, we expect surprises, the speeches, the glamour even, who can blame someone in love with these awards? They’re addictive. Proof of that is my own blog, in which for the second consecutive year is reviewing every one of the 10 movies nominated for best picture in the order in which they are nominated (take a look at them if you want to).

So, let’s start with every category with who will win and who Should win (according to me, of course, and in those categories in which I’ve seen more than half of the nominees):


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