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Director: Anthony Mann

Producer: Edward Small

Screenwriters: Leopold Atlas and John C. Higgins

Cinematographer: John Alton

Music: Paul Sawtell

Studio: Eagle Lion 1948

Main Acting: Dennis O’Keefe and Claire Trevor

This rich, mesmerizing noir glitters in the dark night and burns its images in your brain like a flaming bowl of brandy. In Anthony Mann’s best overall film noir, he abandons the booming voiceover narration present in T-Men and He Walked By Night. While the movie starts out with Pat (Claire Trevor) doing a monologue about the anticipation of breaking out Joe Sullivan (Dennis O’ Keefe) from prison, it quickly fades away, only intermittently returning with a softer, less intrusive presence. John Alton is back as the cinematographer and does a great job as always handling the visuals. A big plus for me is the music by Paul Sawtell which seems to employ a theremin in the soundtrack. Usually an instrument utilized for science fiction classics like The Day The Earth Stood Still or The Thing From Another World (though it was also used in The Lost Weekend), it casts a wonderful dreamlike vibe throughout the picture. (more…)

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