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Director: Joseph Losey

Producer: Sam Spiegal

Screenwriters: Dalton Trumbo and Hugo Butler

Cinematographer: Arthur C. Miller

Music: Lyn Murray

Studio: Horizon Pictures 1951

Main Acting: Van Heflin and Evelyn Keyes

Long unavailable,The Prowler by Joseph Losey is one of those noirs that has been next to impossible to get a hold of. Good old TCM aired it twice in recent years. So when the news came that The Film Noir Foundation, Stanford Theatre Foundation, and UCLA Film and Television Archive were restoring it, it made me (as well as many other noir lovers, I’m sure) a very happy camper. This was a movie I had long hoped to own in my personal library. And now, thankfully, this neglected masterpiece will be easier for all to see on VCI Entertainment. (more…)

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by Allan Fish

(France 1943 112m) not on DVD

Aka. Summer Light

A great white desert on a tiny canvas

p  André Paulve  d  Jean Grémillon  w  Pierre Laroche, Jacques Prévert  ph  Louis Page  ed  Louise Hautecoeur  m  Roland Manuel  art  André Barsacq, Max Douy

Madeleine Renaud (Cri Cri), Pierre Brasseur (Roland), Madeleine Robinson (Michèle), Paul Bernard (Patrice), Georges Marchal (Julien), Léonce Corne (Tonton), Raymond Aimos (Ernest), Marcel Levésque (Monsieur Louis),

It begins with a controlled explosion, miners in a valley in the Provencal mountains.  It’s summer, the sun is shining, all seems right with the world.  Yet this was 1943 and, in France more than anywhere, nothing was right with the world.  The Vichy occupation was at its height, and many of the creative talents of the era had either left for other climes or found their vision neutered by the Vichy censorship board.  Lumière d’Été, while not perhaps quite as good a film as Le Ciel est a Vous which followed it, is still Grémillon’s most densely layered film.  Other directors made excellent films in the Nazi occupation but if I was asked to name a film that summed up the Vichy mood better than any other, it would have to be Lumière d’Été(more…)

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