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Director and Producer: Robert Aldrich

Screenwriters: A.I. Bezzerides and Mickey Spillane

Cinematographer: Ernest Laszlo

Music: Frank De Vol

Studio: United Artists 1955

Main Acting: Ralph Meeker, Maxine Cooper, and Cloris Leachman

Bare feet running along a desolate street. A quick jump cut to the full figure of a woman seemingly scared half to death. She stops as the camera zooms in for a close-up of her exhausted, pained expression. Waving desperately at lights that must surely belong to an oncoming car, the disappointment in her body language is readily apparent as the vehicle keeps going, never bothering to stop. Not deterred by this setback, she continues to barrel down the asphalt with every fiber of her being. Another approaching automobile steadily descends down the distant pavement. This time, a more determined woman places her body directly in front of the oncoming machine with arms outstretched. Wincing her eyes as the driver does everything in his power to avoid hitting her. Close-up of the male is notable for the rage that washes over his expressive features. We will later learn that this is Mike Hammer, Los Angeles detective extraordinaire. For now, he’s just some nameless person that narrowly avoided making mince meat of the random lady who got in his way. (more…)

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Juliette Binoche in Abbas Kiarostami's masterful "Certified Copy"

by Sam Juliano

Our hearts and our prayers go out to the people of Japan and our great friend ‘Murderous Ink’ in Tokyo at this time of turmoil and calamity.  I can not even imagine the kind of mental agony that has befallen our effervescent friend at Vermillion and One Nights, nor the kind of consternation he has to live with everyday since disaster struck this great island nation.  I am confident our friend will soon tell us that he is well, even though his only thoughts right now are with his countrymen.

The blogger ‘Duelist’ has won Tony d’Ambra’s free DVD giveaway contest which generously offered up a sealed Criterion copy of Samuel Fuller’s Pickup on South Street. By naming the correct answer to a noir screen cap displayed at the site, Duelist will receive the well-regarded noir classic.  Tony is again to be thanked for his sportsmanship in offering up the prize and for running the contest.  Another contest has officially launched this week under ‘The Contest Begins’ bar over the header, and it wil also offer up some great prizes.  Dee Dee is manning the ship on this one, and all are urged to head over. (more…)

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