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Screen cap from Turkish gem “Bal” (Honey)

by Sam Juliano

We at Wonders in the Dark continue to think about our friend Murderous Ink and his Japanese compatriots at a very trying time in their nation’s history.  While reports continue to underline the gravity of the situation, it seems that there’s a light at the end of the tunnel.  As the moving reports documented here at the site by our friend have been deeply appreciated.

Maurizio Roca e mailed me late Sunday afternoon to inform me that the countdown will resume on Thursday, April 7th, due to unforeseen circumstances surrounding his move within the Borough of Brooklyn.  His impassioned correspondance yet again confirms how dedicated he is to this great project and to the site’s readers, and I can’t thank him enough for all the time and abiding commitment he has made to film noir and the difficult task of comparitive assessment.  Do what you have to do my dear friend, and understand we are all grateful for everything you’ve done.

A number of terrific posts were published this past week at the site, and they include Tony d’Ambra’s latest poetic foray, a brilliant and rapturous work on the Korean masterwork Poetry which already has landed on page 1 of the google page; Jim Clark’s splendid examination of the filmmaking career of Canadian artist Dennis Cote, Jamie Uhler’s latest installment in his incomparably authoritative Getting Over the Beatles series; Bob Clark’s newest essay on the Zack Snyder flick Sucker Punch, and two more magisterial entries from Allan Fish in his long-running “Fish Obscuro” series.  Of course the stellar daily noir entries from Maurizio have received many page views and comments, and some more fabulous side-bar work from Dee Dee on various anniversaries and up-coming projects have kept the place hopping.  Dee Dee in fact has announced a major interview slated to post on Tuesday, April 5th. (more…)

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