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Director: Carol Reed

Producer: Alexander Korda, David O. Selznick, and Carol Reed

Screenwriter: Graham Greene

Cinematographer: Robert Krasker

Music: Anton Karas

Studio: British Lion Pictures 1949

Main Acting: Joseph Cotten, Alida Valli, and Orson Welles

It always seemed weird to me that whatever film Orson Welles appeared in which didn’t have his name credited as director would inevitably be rumored as being crafted by him. This, of course, was reserved for pictures where some form of merit was tangible and present. There are many rumors floating around that he was actually responsible for helming Norman Foster’s 1943 film noir Journey Into Fear. Forget that Welles himself told Peter Bogdanovich that he had no part in directing the picture, and that Foster was actually a rather competent filmmaker who would also make Kiss The Blood Off My Hands and Woman On The Run. It seemed that whenever Orson became involved in a project, his numerous admirers would try to give him posthumous credit, evidence be damned. (more…)

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