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by Allan Fish

The first thing that needs to be said with regards to this venture is that I need my head examined. That can, of course, be taken as a given, but it seems a good way to finalise all my countdowns on the site, 10 months after the end of the decade countdowns.

As I stressed when I made the announcement, those countdowns will have no bearing on this countdown. That was then, this is now, and I have sen a lot of films since then. However, there are some that don’t get here in time. My first disclaimer is for the following list that didn’t make the list because I have been unable to see them, or else only seen in a non-subbed print with no subs or notes. My apologies to the following…

The Miracle of the Wolves (France 1924…Raymond Bernard)
The Slums of Berlin (Germany 1925…Gerhard Lamprecht)
Laila (Norway 1929…George Schnéevoigt)
Maria do Mar (Portugal 1930…José Leitáo de Barros)
Raise the Roof (UK 1930…Walter Summers)
Love and Duty (China 1931…Bu Wancang)
Seven Seas: Parts I & II (Japan 1931…Hiroshi Shimizu)
Stolen Death (Finland 1938…Nyrki Tapiovaara)
Vénus Aveugle (France 1941…Abel Gance)
Caprices (France 1942…Leo Joannon)
Caccia Tragica (Italy 1947…Giuseppe de Santis)
Les Dernières Vacances (France 1947…Roger Leenhardt)
Der Apfel ist Ab (West Germany 1948…Helmut Kautner)
L’Ingenue Libertine (France 1950…Jacqueline Audry)
The Crimson Curtain (France 1952…Alexandre Astruc)
Four Chimneys (Japan 1953…Heinosuke Gosho)
La Rage au Corps (France 1954…Ralph Habib)
Punishment Room (Japan 1956…Kon Ichikawa)
Susuki Paradise Red Light District (Japan 1956…Yuzo Kawashima)
Not Long After Leaving Shinagawa (Japan 1957…Yuzo Kawashima)
The Sun Legend of the End of the Tokugawa Era (Japan 1957…Yuzo Kawashima)
Times of Joy and Sorrow (Japan 1957…Keisuke Kinoshita)
Araya (Venezuala 1958…Margot Benacerraf)
Goodbye Hello (Japan 1959…Kon Ichikawa)
Viva l’Italia (Italy 1960…Roberto Rossellini)
Immortal Love (Japan 1961…Keisuke Kinoshita)
A Wife Confesses (Japan 1961…Yasuzo Masumura)
The Graceful Brute (Japan 1962…Yuzo Kawashima)
Twin Sisters of Kyoto (Japan 1963…Noboru Nakamura)
Once There Was a War (Denmark 1966…Palle Kjaerulff-Schmidt)
Paris in the Month of August (France 1966…Pierre Granier-Deferre)
The Wife of Seishu Hanaokai (Japan 1967…Yasuzo Masumura)
The Sex Check (Japan 1968…Yasuzo Masumura)
Fuck (US 1969…Andy Warhol)
Failed Youth (Japan 1974…Tatsumi Kumashiro)
Days of Hope (UK-TV 1975…Ken Loach)
Kaseki (Japan-TV 1975…Masaki Kobayashi)
Amor de Perdicao (Portugal 1978…Manoel de Oliveira)

All the above would have been pushing for places, and one mourns especially that no Yuzo Kawashimas are in the list when there are four titles above that would probably make it if there were English friendly additions.  Also, there are seven titles above I hope to have within the next few months, but not quickly enough for this.  (more…)

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