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"Speaking From The Heart's" effervescent Laurie Buchanan

by Sam Juliano

As humans, we’re multi-dimensional in nature. We operate from physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual dimensions simultaneously. For true health to occur, we must learn how all these dimensions interact and affect our overall health.

-Laurie Buchanan

Note:  This is the ninth in a series on bloggers who have made a vast difference on the on-line landscape.

Optimum health is  achieved by a perfect orchestration of the mental and the physical sides of our being, and one without the other can be likened to a fish out of water.  Crystal Lake, Illinois holistic health practitioner Laurie Buchanan has set the groundwork for her loyal readership to experience the kind of well-being that has been the defining coda of her blogsite, Speaking From The Heart since it’s inception in February of 2010.  Buchanan, who hold a PhD in energy medicine, has painstakingly examined the four aspects of a person’s essence that need to work in unison to maintain and eqilibrium of wellness – that of physical, emotional, mental and spiritial.  By exploring the basic tenets of philosophical thought, astrology and practical reality, the tireless proponent of a stress-free life admits that decision making and personal application are vital in the realization of these goals. (more…)

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Werner Herzog's 3D documentary adventure "The Cave of Forgotten Dreams"

by Sam Juliano

I trust everyone had a wonderful Mother’s Day, and I especially salute the incomparable moms in our midst!  Certainly I can say the loveliest moment over the weekend occured early Sunday when a knock on the front door finalized the delivery of beautiful flowers for Lucille, sent on by that most beautiful of beautiful human beings, our own beloved Dee Dee.  When I think of all her kindnesses, I start to get teary-eyed.  Whenever anyone ponders how miserable things may get from time to time, think of this very special woman.  The thoughts of what she has done will restore your faith in the human race.  She has consistently injected the blogging experience with passionate regard for her colleagues and a sense of humanity that this largely didactic endeavor has sorely needed.  Lucille and my two daughters especially, were deeply moved my dear friend by this incredible gesture.  I know this public acknowledgement isn’t your kind of thing, but I simply can’t remain silent.  The beautiful ‘Mother’s Day’ banner on the sidebar is also courtesy of Dee Dee, who regularly manages and upgrades the content of the top and sidebars.

Speaking of Mothers, Allan Fish has now officially launched the ‘Mother’ of all film lists, a project that is as remarkable in its audacity as it is in sheer comprehensiveness.  Allan is arguably the most authoritative film connosseur online (or anywhere for that matter) and this list is far more than a labor of love, but written proof that this eccentric, outspoken and utterly brilliant Brit has travelled further than his peers in terms of scope and discernment.  The project is merely a prelude for the intended publication of his long-awaited film book, and encompasses the posting of the 3,000 greatest films ever made, with 600 a day through Thursday of this week.  The endeavor was urged upon Allan from early last year, and he has complied with approximation, even while admitting the arbitrary nature of such a listing was stifling.  Still as a resource, there isn’t a better and more valuable film list available anywhere.  And that revelation is perhaps Allan’s most untouchable claim to prominence in the film world.  Bravo, Allan!  The site stats for a Sunday (the slowest day of the week in this regard) have been staggering both in page views and comments.  I’m hardly surprised.  I think Joel Bocko (a.k.a. Movie Man) has put on a comment show that desrves mentioning in the Guiness World Book of Records. (more…)

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by Allan Fish

Here we go, next 600….


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