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by Allan Fish

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by Allan Fish

(France/Italy/UK 1962 118m) DVD1 (DVD2 only 103m version)

Aka. Eve

Hear me willow and weep

p  Robert Hakim, Raymond Hakim  d  Joseph Losey  w  Hugo Butler, Evan Jones  novel  James Hadley Chase  ph  Gianni di Venanzo, Henri Decaë  ed  Reginald Beck, Franco Silvi  m  Michel Legrand  art  Richard MacDonald, Luigi Scaccianace

Jeanne Moreau (Eve Olivier), Stanley Baker (Tyvian Jones), Virna Lisi (Francesca), Giorgio Albertazzi (Sergio Branco Mallone), James Villiers (Alan McCormick),

It was in 1958 I believe when Anthony Powell’s A Dance to the Music of Time stopped off in Venice during the film festival and there was a revealing scene under the ceiling of the Bragadin Palace.  Powell’s work had featured a Medusa of the highest order, Pamela Flitton, who sent various men to their death, both actually and by proxy.  Eva finds us inVenice around the same time, and it’s a very different Venice to that then seen in the movies.  True, Nic Roeg hadn’t been yet, or Visconti, or Tinto Brass (for those with the inclination to see Frank Finlay in suspenders and stockings), but here we have Venice as leash, with a character trying to escape but finally accepting his own deserved perdition.  (more…)

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