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by Allan Fish

(UK 1972 110m)DVD2

Our father, king of worms

p  Jack Bond  d/w  Jane Arden  ph  Aubrey Dewar  ed  David Mingay  m  Sally Minford

Sheila Allen, Susanka Praey, Liz Danciger, Ann Lynn, Jane Arden, Penny Slinger, Sally Minford,

When The Other Side of the Underneath was announced on DVD by the BFI, along with Arden’s Separation and Anti-Clock, I made a point of checking the rating on the IMDb and found exactly what I expected.  It didn’t have one.  No-one had seen it; or at least no-one had voted who had seen it.  Here really was buried treasure, films unseen pretty much since their first release, made by a woman who had been dead for the best part of thirty years. Arden died in 1982, aged55, a suicide.  She’d battled with depression and her mental state for years and this film was the only one where she directed as well as wrote.  It’s her most personal vision, a shocking, polarising one – it’s rating as I write on the IMDb is now 6.1, and you can bet that few will have given it 6, there will be a meeting of opposite ends of the voting spectrum in that mean. (more…)

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