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by Allan Fish

(UK 1975 95m) DVD1/2

Common treasury of livelihood

p  Kevin Brownlow, Andrew Mollo  d  Kevin Brownlow  w  Kevin Brownlow, Andrew Mollo  novel  “Comrade Jacob” by David Caute  ph  Ernest Vincze  ed  Sarah Ellis  m  Sergei Prokofiev  art  Andrew Mollo  cos  Carmen Mollo

Miles Halliwell (Gerrard Winstanley), Jerome Willis (Gen.Fairfax), Terry Higgins (Tom Haydon), Phil Oliver (Will), David Bramley (Parson Platt), Alison Halliwell (Mrs Platt),

What it is that attracted me to Winstanley and its subject, the real-life leader of the Diggers in post Civil-War England, is not immediately obvious.  Perhaps it has something to do with my heritage, for there was a namesake, one Simon Fish, who became somewhat infamous for publishing a Supplication of Beggars of 1529, aimed at no less daunting a target as Henry VIII.  Simon died of plague before he could be burned for heresy, but he was singing if not from the same hymnsheet then certainly from the same book of hymns as Winstanley a century or so later.  And if that’s not enough of a link, there’s Winstanley himself; we know he was baptised in Wigan in 1609, and it was there one cold February day 365 years later, where yours truly’s forehead was so anointed.   There’s my own six degrees of separation.  (more…)

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