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by Allan Fish

(China 1931 152m) not on DVD

Aka. Lian’ai Yu Yiwu

Gossip is a fearful thing

p  Lay Min Wei  d  Bu Wancang  w  Chu Shek Lin, Jeffrey Huang  novel “Symphony of Shadows” by S.Rosen Hoa  ph  Huang Shaofen  art  William Kolland, Chao Fuh

Ruan Lingyu (Yang Nei Fan/her daughter), Jin Yan (Li Tsu Yi), Chen Yanyan (Pin Ger), Li Ying (Daren Huang), C.E.Cze (Chang Shun, servant), Lily Chow (Chan Ying),

It was only a few days ago when I was prowling through the BBC website and found an article of great interest to anyone with a fascination about ancient Egypt.  A prominent scientist had used infra-red satellite technology to scan a massive area of Egypt and revealed massive unknown, lost treasures, from the entire street plan of the lost city of Tanis to seventeen lost pyramids.  An archaeologist’s wet dream, it savoured for a miracle, and was perhaps enough to make all cineastes dream of a technology that would so locate missing cans of film reel that may contain some of the lost or butchered masterpieces of film.  Let it suffice to say that, if such a technology did exist, I would suggest the team begin their search inSouth America.

            Only a few years ago the full Metropolis was found there amid great fanfare, and it’s also the only place where there could possibly be a print of the uncut Ambersons, as that’s where Orson Welles was when it was being butchered by Robert Wise back at RKO.  In the mid 1990s, there was also found a film equally thought lost in the sand dunes of cinematic memory, Bu Wancang’s Love and Duty.  From Uruguay emerged a diamond, and the feeling film historians must have felt opening those cans to find it inside must have been like finding an unrecognisable old coin, leaving it in HP sauce overnight and waking up to find it’s stamped with the words Arturus Rex(more…)

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