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by Allan Fish

(UK 2006 93m) DVD1

Call me Frank

p  Helen Flint d  Tom Hooper  w  Peter Morgan  ph  Danny Cohen  ed  Melanie Oliver  m  Robert Lane

Jim Broadbent (Lord Longford), Samantha Morton (Myra Hindley), Lindsay Duncan (Lady Elizabeth Longford), Robert Pugh (Harold Wilson), Andy Serkis (Ian Brady), Kika Markham (Governor Wing), Anton Rodgers (Willie Whitelaw),

The names won’t be familiar to people in the US; Keith Bennett, Leslie-Anne Downey, Pauline Reade, John Kilbride and Edward Evans.  Yet ask the British public to name the most reviled person or persons in British criminal history, not just in the 20th century but of all time, then the winner, if that’s the correct term, would be Myra Hindley.  The Wests killed more, Dr Shipman many more by pharmaceutical proxy, Crippen, Christie and Sutcliffe were infamous, the original Jack legendary, yet none would come close. 

            From 1963 to 1965, the A635 became an all too real Highway to Hell where Ian Brady and Myra Hindley beat and murdered five children before being sent to prison for life.  They were ushered away after sentencing by the presiding judge not with the words “take them down” but “put them down”; their chances of release somewhat less than nil.  The one man who thought differently was the former leader of the House of Lords, famous philanthropist Lord Longford, who saw Hindley as merely another one of his prisoners seeking redemption.  He spent much of his later life campaigning for her parole and Peter Morgan’s screenplay tells that story.  (more…)

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