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Ordinarily, I spend Saturdays devoted to works of anime and science-fiction, but this week I thought the time right to announce an idea that’s been slowly germinating among a handful of us Wonders writers in the wake of Sam’s summary dismissal of Film Socialisme, the latest film by French New Wave maestro Jean-Luc Godard, as well as the majority of his filmography in general. Though for the most part we couldn’t share less in common, James Uhler and I are united in our enthusiastic support of the director’s entire career, from his more mainstream works in the 60’s with Jean-Pierre Belmundo, Brigette Bardot and the ravishing Anna Karina; to his progressively more abstract and Marxist movies like Week-End and the efforts of the Dziga Vertov group; to his classical, yet experimental films of the 80’s and beyond, especially modern essentials like Histoire(s) du Cinema. We’re not the only ones, either– fellow anime-devotee and Lucas die-hard Stephen Russell-Gebbett is also a confirmed Godardaholic, enough to make various images from Film Socialisme banners for his website, while everyone’s favorite MovieMan, Joel Bocko, has often proclaimed his love of the director’s early period, and curiosity in all that came afterward.

Now, with so many members of the film-critic community and blogosphere turning on the notorious filmmaker like overgrown fanboys throwing zombie-like riots in a comic-book convention, the time couldn’t be better to launch a full-fledged effort to cover the whole of his cinematic output, from his most celebrated features to the obscurest of shorts. Though I’m certain that we’ll be able to cover the majority, if not the whole, of his oeuvre between myself, James and the rest of the Wonders members of Team Godard (we ought to be printing up t-shirts), I’m putting out an open call to anyone out there who would like to participate in this project. The more hands the merrier, even if we wind up with several takes on the same films (especially so, even). We won’t rest until we get every one of his films catalogued with a review, be it essay-length or capsule. For those interested, here’s a handy-dandy list of his works by decade, courtesy of the always reliable folks at wikipedia.

Anybody who wishes to participate, just let us know and we’ll mark you for contact info (which I think is a prerequisite to comment). We’ll coordinate a group mail for all interested, and get to work on this like a diabetic whistle– toot-sweet.

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