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Actor/Director John Turturo on the set of his new film about the music and culture of Naples, "Passione"

by Sam Juliano

Summer is now officially upon us, and many of us are hoping to avoid the kind of heat that baked many northern hemisphere people in 2010.  Other than weather, everyone is firming up summer plans, while concluding the big June events that include graduation parties, proms, and weddings.  I was proud to see my oldest son sammy graduate eighth grade this past week, as  the final step to high school in September.

Here at Wonders the Fish Obscuro series and “Getting Over the Beatles” project continue, while Jim Clark treated readers to a brilliant essay on Terrence Malick’s The Thin Red Line, and Bob Clark made a proposal for continued discussion on Jean-Luc Godard.

Again Lucille and I were (relatively) busy on the movie front, while for the first time in quite a while we didn’t manage a single stage play.

We saw the following in theatres:

Sherlock Jr.   *****     (Monday evening)   Buster Keaton at Film Forum

The Boat   ****          (Monday evening)      Buster Keaton at Film Forum

Passione   **** 1/2    (Saturday evening)    Film Forum

Leap Year  ****    (Friday evening)        Cinema Village

Beginners   ***         (Thursday evening)    Montclair Claridge Cinemas

SHERLOCK JR. is one of the supreme Keaton masterpieces, in fact for many his greatest work.  Suffice to say it’s one of my favorite comedies of all-time (the pool table sequence and the coordinated run near the end are among the greatets gags ever filmed) and with the short THE BOAT screening before it, it made for an unforgettable evening.  Lucille and I were thrilled that our youngest son Jeremy (9) was called up to the stage by Film Forum program director Bruce Goldstein to pick the night’s five winners out of a hat that included all the correct answers of a Keaton-related question.   Jeremy received a Film Forum tea-shirt for his efforts. (more…)

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