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Screen cap from Eric Rohmer's brilliant "Le Rayon Vert" (1986)

by Sam Juliano

Fireworks.  Lawn barbeques.  A dive into the pool.  An air-conditioned viewing of Peter H. Hunt’s 1972 film adaptation of the Broadway musical, 1776.  Well, the last endeavor may not have been enthusiastically embraced by too many here, right?  Ha!  In any case, summer is now in full fling, with heat, humidity and shorts in fashion until further notice.  Here at Wonders in the Dark our beloved Dee Dee has posted a Fourth of July greeting to the staff and all the blogsite readers in typical celebratory practice.  It is furthermore hoped and anticipated that many will be taking advantage of the seaon to embark on long-planned vacations.

Business continues as usual at WitD, with Jamie’s “Getting Over the Beatles” series, Allan’s “Fish Obscuro” and Bob’s anime archive offering up some marvelous essays over the past week.  The musical countdown remains set for a launch in mid-August, and co-presenter Pat Perry has been busy with viewings and re-viewings of some of the most prominent prospects for inclusion.

It was a great thrill this past week for Lucille, the kids and I to meet up with fellow blogger Sachin Gandhi and his lovely wife and young daughter at the Film Forum for a Monday (June 27) Buster Keaton engagement. The trio flew in for a NYC vacation from their home in western Canada on Saturday, the 25th.  Sachin admitted it was his first visit to the Big Apple in 25 years, and he and his lovely family were planning to make the most of a two week stay through this past holiday weekend.  We all had a wonderful time at the festival and in the vehicle on the way to his hotel uptown, and won’t ever forget this cherished meeting.  Sachin’s high-quality blogsite, Scribbles and Ramblings is one of our favorite stops, and is part of our sidebar blogroll.  As always our most excellent friend Film Forum employee and intellectual extraordinaire Alan Hardy was there again to extend his over-the-top generosity in more ways than one.  Becoming friends with this young man over the past several months, has been an incomparable joy to all of us, and something tells me I now have a lifelong friend.

With summer school commencing on June 27th, Yours Truly had had his hands full, but the past week yielded some memorable excursions to Manhattan movie theatres over the eight-day period covered by this diary post.  Lucile and I managed the following, with the kids in tow on Monday, June 27, Sunday July 3, and Monday July 4: (more…)

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