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Judy Garland in Vincente Minelli's "Meet Me in St. Louis" (1946)

by Sam Juliano

What is a movie musical by definition?  It seems everybody has their own idea and there’s little conformity in the thinking.  After a brace of amiable e mails between the seven voting members who will decide what the “Top 50 Musicals of All-Time” are, the decision was made to allow the widest scope imaginable in the negotiation of the vital voting stage of the venture.

The seven voters are movie veterans, with a strong background in musical cinema, whether it be a long veneration for the genre, active participation in stage work, or a pronounced cognizance -through exposure- of the significant connection between film and theatre.  All seven voters are musical fans, and have a wide scope of appreciation and lifelong exposure to the form.  The voters include:

Greg Ferrara  (Cinema Styles and TCM)

Pat Perry (Doodad Kind of Kind)

Marilyn Ferdinand (Ferdy-on-Films)

Judy Geater  (Movie Classics)

Dennis Polifroni (Wonders in the Dark)

Allan Fish  (Wonders in the Dark)

Sam Juliano (Wonders in the Dark) (more…)

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