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Chimpanzee Nim in brilliant documentary by James Marsh

by Sam Juliano

As home energy bills take their annual spike, some of us continue to take advantage of vacation time by treking to our summer hideaways or seeking refuge in movie theatres or other cultural venues.  It’s a time we’re certainly grateful for, but one that requires some acute planning.

Here at Wonders in the Dark the itinerary has pretty much been staying the course, with Jim Clark’s exceptional essay on Terrence Malick’s The Tree of Life a major highlight for this past week.  Jamie Uhler’s astounding thirty-first installment in his seminal ‘Getting Over the Beatles’, Allan Fish’s ongoing ‘Fish Obscuro’ series of cinema treasures, and Bob Clark’s weekend excusrsion into science fiction and anime all made impressive appearances at the site during the six days since the last diary published on Tuesday.

Congratulations are in order for our friend Greg Ferrara at Cinema Styles, who recently was appointed as a writer for TCM.  Ferrara’s a gifted movie veteran who is sure to bring a new dimension over there!  Greg is one of the seven voters who will be determining the results of WitD’s musical countdown scheduled to commence next month.  And speaking of the countdown it’s been great seeing some of the enthusiasm from Pat, Judy, Marilyn and Dennis, all of whom are busy re-viewing favorites, looking at a few new ones, and spreading around excitement!  I spent some of my own week re-watching a number of the older classics, including the Lubitsch quartet.  With as wide open a scope as we could possibly have settled on, I’m also taking further looks at some vital opera films and operettas, as well as the more contemporary rock films. (more…)

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