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Daniel Radcliffe in final Harry Potter film, "Deathly Hallows, part 2"

by Sam Juliano

With temperatures slated to hit the triple figures later this week in the northeast, people will be spending more time indoors, with many indulging in the latest blu-ray releases or catching up with domestic chores. Still others are on vacation or are planning to leave soon. In Fairview, New Jersey, I have completed one-half of the summer program, which is due to conclude on Friday August 5th.

Here at Wonders in the Dark, a very mild disagreement as to the site’s future “Fish Obscuro” entries was resolved amicably with a promised continuation with some additions. Jamie Uhler has become of the best music writers on-line with his brilliant and scholarly treatises on the groups from rock’s most memorable era that some may have neglected or underestimated over the years. Uhler actually negotiated a stunning one-two punch this past week with the aforementioned latest entry in the “Getting Over the Beatles” and a philosophically complex, magisterial essay (the site’s third in fact) on Terrence Malick’s “The Tree of Life.” While Uhler has obviously been one of the site’s most talented components right along, (and it’s heart and soul in the comment sections) his work this past week represents the most amazing showcase of his virtuosity. The sidebar continues to be the exclusive domain of Dee Dee, whose updates and additions keep us up to snuff each and every week. Bob Clark took a rare week off, but has been typically brilliant in both his continuing anime series and in the comment sections. Same of course for Jim Clark, who writes spectacular pieces every other week. And then there’s Allan, whose contributions need no preface here.

Lucille and I (and the kids for two of the ventures) had a torrid week in movie theatres, fueled mainly be the continuation of the Keaton series and the launching of the “Pre-Code” Festival at the Film Forum. Then there’s a dude named Harry Potter:

Tabloid ** (Saturday night) IFC Film Center

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 **** 1/2 (Saturday) Edgewater

The Three Ages **** 1/2 (Monday night) Buster Keaton at Film Forum

The Scarecrow **** (Monday night) Buster Keaton at Film Forum

Baby Face: The Uncensored Version **** 1/2 (Friday) Pre-Code at Film

Two Seconds **** (Friday) Pre-Code at Film Forum

I’m No Angel **** 1/2 (Sunday afternoon) Pre-Code at Film Forum

Hot Saturday *** (Sunday afternoon) Pre-Code at Film Forum (more…)

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