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by Allan Fish

(France 1970 82m) DVD2

Aka. Pollux et le Chat Bleu

Blue is beautiful, blue is best…

p  L.Danot, L.Auclin  d/w  Serge Danot  English version  Eric Thompson  ph  C.Giresse  m  Joss Basselli  ly  Eric Thompson 

VOICES BY:- Eric Thompson, Fenella Fielding (the Blue Voice),

Memory lane is calling again, in a distinctly blue voice.  Back to an age when children’s programmes were worth remembering, the age of Brian Cant voicing Trumpton, of Michael Hordern voicing Paddington, or Ray Brooks doing Mr Benn and Arthur Lowe the Mr Men.  Towering above all, however, may I salute one Eric Thompson, Emma’s dad.  He gave a French animated film, just as he did the TV series that preceded it, The Magic Roundabout, as much magic as one man ever gave to a kids show.  It was taken from a film by Serge Danot, and though I have never seen the French original, let us simply say that, if it bettered Eric Thompson’s, it must have been something else.  Without him, the adventures in the Magic Garden of Florence, Dougal, Zebedee, Brian, Ermintrude, Dylan and co, would probably have been lifeless.

            It begins with Dougal recounting a dream he had about a blue voice leading to the old deserted treacle factory on the hill, and how he sets out to tell Zebedee about it.  On Zebedee’s arrival to tell the others they find a commotion as they are more interested in the blue cat, Buxton, which has just arrived in the Magic Garden.  Dougal smells a rat, but none of the others believe him.  When Buxton is granted the title of the king, he imprisons Florence and co, but Dougal evades capture and sets out on a rescue mission.  (more…)

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